Tapovan ashram is a beautiful, tranquil, green, 15 acre campus located in an isolated,  scenic valley between two mountain ranges, 15 kms from Udaipur city in the western Indian state of Rajasthan. It is a place that rests your soul from the incessant, frenetic thinking and activity that seems to be plaguing mankind today. And in  the absence of the numerous attention-demanding diversions, there is a chance of you coming in touch with something that is beyond the reach of normal thought, something that might change your perspective of life.

Bird’s eye view of ashram

The ashram has many fields cultivating organic roses, crops, vegetables and fruits. There are numerous trees of all kinds. Built within this greenery are the staying facilities, common kitchen, dining room, library, meditation hall, swimming pools, nature cure facilities, cow shed etc.

It is a place where an attempt is made to give all living beings their share of space to coexist harmoniously with each other. Accordingly you might be lucky enough to see numerous bird variety, frogs, snakes, grasshoppers, lizards, bees, monkeys etc. and if you are really lucky then maybe a leopard or a hyena.

So come….a visit to Tapovan is probably just what you need and maybe that is why you are seeing this page!

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